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Birthday Lunch Party

Thursday, May 2nd, 2013

Here are some ideas and pictures from a birthday lunch party we recently produced that can easily be done for Mothers Day lunch.  Instead of round tables, we sat everyone at one long table and assigned seating with place cards to ensure everyone was comfortable with the person they were seated next to.

The room decor highlighted the color French blue, and we used French blue checked linen to compliment the room. Since this birthday lunch was at a beach venue, we incorporated a beach theme into the centerpieces.  We had our florist place shells at the bottom of the flower arrangements for decor, and we also filled empty square containers with sand and shells to compliment these flower arrangements.


Other ideas from this birthday lunch that can be used for a Mothers Day lunch are the party favors.  We provided all of the adults with a box of truffles and for the kids, we gave them chocolate lollipops.  

A cost savings tip that you can use for your Mothers Day lunch is to bring your own wine and champagne to your event. Most venues will allow it, there is usually a corkage fee but often you find that you save some money and drink the wines and champagnes of your choice.  

Whether you celebrate a Mothers Day lunch, dinner or brunch, enjoy and remember the Budget Bash mantra: make it simple, delicious, stylish, fun & economical to all!


Bar Mitzvah Themes

Monday, April 1st, 2013

It is always great to theme any event you plan. Theming an event gives a road map to all other elements of a party. Here are a couple ideas for Bar Mitzvah themes.

Bar Mitzvah themes can be anything you or the guest of honor selects. This Bar Mitzvah party had an Asian theme. Notice the fortune cookies inside the glass floral arrangement and the hanging to-go containers.  The Bar Mitzvah decor included using red and black as the party's primary colors, hanging Chinese lanterns from the house eaves and decorating the tables with Chinese fans, moss, rocks and orchids.


Other ideas for Bar Mitzvah themes can include creating a science lab for the party.  Instead of using regular table numbers, use the chart of elements or names of famous scientists for table assignments. For Bar Mitzvah decor, drop LED colored light cubes into the water of the centerpieces for a cool effect or hang the small lights from the centerpiece branches.

Creating an art gallery is another idea for Bar Mitzvah themes.  For the Bar Mitzvah decor at this event, we used the actual artwork, framed it and then hung it up on decorative hedging as background wall decor.

Until next time, remember the Budget Bash mantra: make it simple, delicious, stylish, fun & economical to all!


Wedding Centerpiece Ideas

Friday, March 22nd, 2013

I was just at an event and thought I would share with you some wedding centerpiece ideas. The artist, Michael Mantalos of Louloudi, is located in Santa Barbara, CA.

Wedding centerpiece ideas may include a single centerpiece on the table or you can do various flower arrangements on your buffet to highlight your theme.

Here are a couple of other pictures of wedding centerpiece ideas.  These flowers show a bit of contrast with the greens, creams and pinks and are two flower arrangements standing together.

Until next time, remember the Budget Bash mantra: make it simple, delicious, stylish, fun & economical to all!

2013 SAG Awards

Thursday, January 31st, 2013

Here are some pictures from the 2013 SAG Awards. This past SAG Awards has been our 15th year working on the show and our tenth year working with Greco Decor.

Vitalie Taittinger of Taittinger Champagne helped open the 2013 SAG Awards.

Our florist, CJ Matsumoto, did a spectacular job with the table flowers and James Beard Award winning chef, Suzanne Goin, provided us with a delicious anti-pasta plate for this year's SAG Awards.

In addition to Taittinger Champagne at all of the tables, our guests at the 2013 SAG Awards enjoyed Gallo Signature Wines and Fiji Water. 

We start production each year for the SAG Awards in August and work through the fall and full-time in January to provide our guests with a beautiful room to enjoy the show. 

Finally, returning again for the third year to the 2013 SAG Awards, was Graff Diamonds (greenroom sponsor). Fendi Casa provided the incredible greenroom furniture.

A huge thanks to everyone for their support and excellent work on this year's SAG Awards and to James Sequenzia for providing the photos.

Bat Mitzvah Party

Wednesday, January 9th, 2013

This Springtime themed Bat Mitzvah party was just recently done in December. We tented the backyard, hung flower balls, brought in vintage styled furniture and enjoyed the beautiful break from the rain.

The Bat Mitzvah party girl is an artist so we rented hedging and framed and hung her artwork for decor as you can see in the picture below.

Brunch for the Bat Mitzvah party was a buffet and the kids enjoyed a smoothie bar and snow cones.

We are now gearing up for the SAG Awards, until next time, remember the Budget Bash mantra: make it simple, delicious, stylish, fun & economical to all!

DIY Christmas Decorations

Wednesday, December 12th, 2012

DIY Christmas decorations can be simple yet elegant.  Here are some ideas for easy Christmas centerpieces from a party we recently produced.

My client found these cute pots in cherry red and apple green and then we planted holiday greens and built a table centerpiece. For these easy Christmas centerpieces, evergreens, Poinsettias, roses and berries were planted in the pots. Also, on every table for these DIY Christmas decorations, we filled two small pots each with peppermints and chocolates.

What was so fun about these DIY Christmas decorations was that at the end of the evening, each guest got to take home these centerpieces as their party favor. Some guests took home just the candy pots while others took the larger pots that were filled with Poinsettias or evergreens and roses.

To add to the atmosphere of these easy Christmas centerpieces, we placed votive candles on the tables and for our DJ's stage, placed Poinsettias as added decor.

For more easy and budget friendly decor and party ideas, look to Budget Bash.  Happy Holidays and until next time, remember the Budget Bash mantra: make it simple, delicious, stylish, fun & economical to all!

Simple Flower Arrangements

Monday, July 2nd, 2012

During my travels to New York City, I came across a couple of simple flower arrangements that were quite dynamic.  Note this simple flower arrangement sitting on an entryway table.  Colors run from yellows to greens with various size and height vases.

All vases in this simple flower arrangement contain the same type of flower, starting with the lower tier of cymbidium orchids. These small square simple flower arrangements of cymbidium orchids are great for either cocktail tables or group them together with votive candles for a table arrangement.

To learn how to make simple flower arrangements including centerpieces with cymbidium orchids click here.

Here is another simple flower arrangement.  This floral centerpiece is great for either small dinner tables or cocktail tables as well.

Until next time, remember the Budget Bash mantra: make it simple, delicious, stylish, fun & economical to all!

Dinner Event by a Los Angeles Corporate Event Planner

Wednesday, March 21st, 2012

Being a corporate event planner, I am called upon to produce all types of events.  From private dinners for 10 guests to galas which seat over 1,000 guests, no matter the event, I still need to take the necessary steps to ensure all runs smoothly night-of.

I recently produced a dinner at Mastro’s in Beverly Hills.  A couple of things we did a bit differently for this event.  First, our centerpieces were not all uniform. For the large round tables, our centerpieces were the above design. For the smaller narrow tables, we used the same colored flower but created small square centerpieces using just roses.

As a corporate event planner, I try to infuse as much creativity as possible with the budget. For this event, the restaurant allowed us to bring in our own wines and even with the corkage fee, we were able to help save the client some money.

Finally, first impressions count. Therefore, we always make sure that the venue and its team is ready to go prior to event start time since often guests arrive early.  Valet, servers as well as management were prepped to ensure everyone was on the same page as to the expectations of the evening.

Making sure all runs smoothly the night of the event is just one aspect of being a corporate event planner. Of course, it doesn’t hurt when you have a great support staff and a loyal client helping you as well.  Until next time, remember the Budget Bash mantra: make it simple, delicious, stylish, fun & economical to all!

2012 SAG Awards

Friday, February 17th, 2012

Here are some inside pictures from the 18th Annual SAG Awards.

We start production for the SAG Awards a week in advance and by show day, it all comes together for a beautiful night honoring the work of the acting community.

The red carpet at the SAG Awards is opened with a toast from Taittinger Champagne. This year, Vitalie Taittinger stepped out of a life-sized Taittinger bottle to help open the red carpet.

More to come soon on this year’s SAG Awards.

Simple Flower Arrangements for a Holiday Centerpiece

Tuesday, December 13th, 2011

Don’t have much time but still want an elegant holiday centerpiece for your special events this December? Simple flower arrangements such as submerged flowers are easy to make and will dress up any table or buffet.

For this holiday centerpiece, Jennifer McGarigle of Floral Art designed this table decoration using floating candles and ilex berries.  She also wrapped the votive candles with silver ribbon.

Decorative Christmas flowers don’t need to be expensive or lavish.  Especially for those on a budget, simple flower arrangements will light up a room and the components can easily be reused.

Just take a large cylinder glass container and place a couple of ilex berry stems inside and fill the container with water.  Create a cool streamlined design using different size containers.

Other simple flower arrangements for the holidays include using a pink Cymbidium orchid stem with these large containers.  You can either place a little water on the bottom of the container to keep the orchid fresh, or submerge it as well and add a floating candle.  A twist on this idea is to place colored pebbles or glass rocks on the bottom of the glass container.  Add a bit of light using light up cubes in the water.

Another holiday centerpiece idea is to place pomegranates in these large cylinders with either green apples or pine cones.  You can use plain pine cones or buy pine cones painted in gold, or spray paint them in the color you choose.

For more ideas on simple flower arrangements, click here.  Until next time, remember the Budget Bash mantra: make it simple, delicious, stylish, fun & economical to all!