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Theme Weddings and Planning Your Wedding

Friday, January 15th, 2010


In my last blog, I discussed using an event theme when planning events.  No matter if you are planning your wedding or any other special occasion, it is important to incorporate an event theme.  Even at the SAG Awards® which is coming up on January 23rd (simulcast on TNT and TBS at 8 p.m. ET/PT) we incorporate a theme for the table and room décor.

When you are planning events or planning your wedding, I always find it best to start with an event theme. Theme weddings help give an overall cohesive look and feel to the event from the invitations to the design and décor.  You can incorporate your dinner menu as well in your theme.  Wedding party ideas can include using a particular color, logo or destination or possibly combing all three to create a theme that brings the wedding to life.  

Incorporating Ideas for Theme Weddings when Planning Your Wedding

I am currently working on a wedding where the bride is incorporating the destination with a color as her event theme.  The location is new, hip and modern where the basic color scheme throughout the venue is black and white and hence, she is taking this inspiration but implementing a twist, a whimsical black and white wedding. 

Her linen is a black and white paisley and her napkins are black satin tied with white ribbon.  Her floral centerpiece is all white with silver branches on top added for height and she is using a combination of tall centerpieces and short centerpieces on the tables.  The centerpieces are accompanied by floating candles in glass cylinders wrapped with black ribbon and there are also small votives on the table as well.  Those too will be wrapped in black satin ribbon.

There are blue neon cubes in the glass cylinders that support the floral centerpieces.  This color is a spillover from the bridesmaid bouquets that will incorporate various shades of blues, purples and lavender.

Other wedding party ideas my bride is doing that illustrates the topic of theme weddings is that she took her and her fiancée’s initials and created a logo.  (An illustration of this can be found in my easy-to-read event and wedding planning book Budget Bash.)  She then used the logo on the invitation, and she will continue the event theme throughout the wedding by using the logo for a gobo at the ceremony site and on the reception dance floor.  The dinner menu too will have the logo on it and her cake is a reflection of her theme as well.  It is a black and white decorated cake.

When planning your wedding, think about creating an atmosphere of romance.  You can do this through lighting.  For my bride who is getting married around Valentine’s Day, she is holding her ceremony outdoors after dark.  Thus it will only be the atmospheric lighting we will be bringing to the site that will illuminate the two of them during the ceremony.  Under the arch in particular, we are bringing in a crystal chandelier and using pink bulbs instead of white to light the two of them. 

I can certainly go on for days about event theme and theme weddings but will be pretty busy in the upcoming week with planning for the SAG Awards® which will be televised on January 23rd.  In the meantime, remember to keep in mind the Budget Bash mantra; make it simple, delicious, stylish, fun & economical to all!

2009 SAG Awards News

Monday, March 23rd, 2009


The Screen Actors Guild Awards Show(R) has been our client for the past ten years.  We are excited once again to work with such an innovative and important entertainment client.  Check out these industry articles from this year’s Screen Actor Guild Awards Show(R).   In relation to the SAG Awards(TM), we were quoted in the Chicago Tribune on Sunday, February 22, 2009.

Take it from the SAG experts and set a dinner party table with flair – By Sandra Barrera, Staff Writer


Friday, February 1st, 2008


Nothing can be more satisfying as an event planner than to see your event run smoothly just as you planned it, especially when the world is watching.  Making sure that over 1,200 guests, most of which are on the A-list of Hollywood, are enjoying themselves and the food and beverage that is provided can be quite challenging.

As the Awards Event Supervisor for the SAG Awards, we start the event coordination and planning process about four to five months in advance.  We meet with the SAG Awards Committee and the producers of the SAG Awards show to discuss not only their guidelines but also their expectations for the upcoming show.  We then look to the television set’s art director, Joe Stewart, for inspiration and design ideas.  We actually extend his vision into our dining room.  This year, in celebration of SAG’s 75th anniversary, our charge by both the SAG Awards Committee and SAG producers was to create a regal yet classic and elegant dining experience.  We used two-toned golden linen designed by our art director, Keith Greco, and extended this look with our china, glassware and flatware all of which had gold on them as well.  Even the flowers, designed by C.J. Matsumoto, were golden.  

For our dinner, we served an antipasti plate so that our guests can have something to hold them over until the after-party sponsored by People Magazine and Entertainment Industry Foundation.  For our dinner this year, chef Alan Jackson created a Mediterranean styled plate of four food items – Tuna Nicoise, Chicken Bisteeya, Poached Lamb Loin and a Grilled Vegetable Terrine.  And of course no dinner can be complete without wine and champagne provided by both Dry Creek Vineyards and Taittinger.

This dinner gala is especially challenging since we are working with a live television production.  Thus, it is essential that we coordinate our serving times with the actual show and its commercial breaks, and we must work quickly since we only have two to three minutes during each of the television show’s segments.  In this instance, timing is everything!

Finally, after the telecast we strike the event that evening.  Close to 6,000 stems of glassware, 2,400 pieces of cutlery, and over 1,200 gold chavari chairs, black satin napkins and gold-rimmed china must be packed up and loaded out that evening to make way for the next event to be held at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles.  Then it is back to the drawing board for our team to top this year’s event and create an even more spectacular evening for next year’s SAG Awards to be aired live on both TNT and TBS on Sunday, January 25, 2009.

Andrea Wyn Schall