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Dream Wedding – A Dog’s Tale (Tail)

Friday, June 5th, 2009


It was a beautiful June day and the guests were mingling and awaiting to witness the wedding of a couple that have known each other for over seven years.  Like most weddings, the groom was a bit nervous, the bride was a bit late and the guests were all excited to be a part of this dream June wedding day.  At A Wynning Event, we have participated and planned many weddings but this one was special.  Yes, it was intimate with just close friends and family, but at this wedding the bride and groom walked on four legs and had fur coats.  Yes, a dog’s wedding and what made this day so special was that my dog, Coco Channel, was a “bridesdog.”  Yes, dressed in pink wings, she walked down the aisle – in fact the only dog to do so, the others had to be carried! 

All joking aside, even though the wedding went to the “dogs,” it was still a beautiful event since the vows about companionship, love, trust and honor have no boundaries whether you walk on two or four legs.  The slight difference was instead of the ring exchange, the dogs exchanged matching collars and at times were more interested in sniffing the other four legged guests then each other.

At A Wynning Event, we encourage the bridal party to theme their wedding and this one was no different.  This wedding was a beautiful backyard wedding whereby guests sat on white chiavari chairs with burnt orange textured silk cushions and the tables were covered with matching linens.  The floral was exquisite.  To compliment the colored linens, Luna Gardens, one of L.A.’s premiere floral studios, designed a romantic look and feel using springtime colors of yellow, pink, orange and green.  Complete with a beautifully bronze colored wedding gate as a backdrop for the altar, guests couldn’t help but marvel at the spectacle.    

When we arrived at the wedding, we were asked to sign the guest book.  But this wasn’t your ordinary guest book, instead we were given two white stuffed toy dogs to sign our special wedding message to the bride and groom.  I think this is a fun, creative and personal idea.  I just hope that the dogs don’t get a hold of them and chew them up!  Another creative idea was the cake toppers, two dogs sat upon the cake which was beautifully decorated with soft orange colored rose petals.  At the cake table is where the dog’s “pawed” their marriage certificate. 

The catering was delicious, we were treated to freshly made tortillas and quesadilla’s, guacamole and chips, a specialty bar serving “Greyhounds” and “Bowowtinis” and of course what wedding wouldn’t be complete without the customary chocolate fountain.

When the couple left the wedding, they drove off in a classic turquoise convertible Thunderbird.  Both of us (Coco and I) received “doggie” bags.  Mine was a small china ring box with two doves on the top and Coco’s bag was filled with treats and dog toys.   It was a beautiful ending to a most “ruffmatic” day.   

The dog wedding will be broadcasted on national television very soon.  Please check back with our blog for date and time of the show!