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What to Think About When Holding a Party at Home

Tuesday, September 15th, 2009


I am so excited because next week my book, Budget Bash – Simply Fabulous Events on a Budget, will be available for purchase.  At just $9.99, this book is filled with “secrets of the trade” and advice for anyone who wants to give a party.  Whether your event is a small dinner for 8 guests or a wedding of 150 plus, Budget Bash provides you with the details and information you need to throw an elegant stylish event without breaking the bank or your back.

From my 10 plus years as owner of A Wynning Event, I draw upon my experiences and knowledge and provide you with many details and information to consider when you give a party.  There are so many things to think about and most often, unless you hire a party planner, you are not aware of them until one of these problems occur and then often times is too late.  Here in this article, I will share an excerpt from the book that explains what to think about when you hold a party in your home or backyard. 

Plumbing – Make sure your facets and toilets are in good working order.  If you live in the hills or country, make sure the septic tank has recently been serviced and that your plumbing pipes have been rooted.  There is nothing worse than your toilet and sewage lines backing up during your party.  This in fact actually happened at a wedding I coordinated in the Hollywood Hills.  To be quite honest, I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry when the toilet sewage started running through the dessert station.  Of course, the groom caught it all on the video even when the plumber showed up with his 25-foot snake to drain the lines!

Backyard Hazards – For backyard events, I always walk the area and look for holes that people can turn their ankles on or trip over, animal waste, wet leaves and small potted plants that at night guests can’t see.  Essentially, look for any type of tripping hazard or potential ankle-turning backyard issue that needs fixing.  Also, for events on your lawn, it is best to stop watering a few days in advance to create a hardened service.  Don’t worry about killing the grass, a couple days without water won’t hurt and as soon as the party is over and the event rentals are cleared off the lawn, watering will bring it right back to life.

Another item to remember with outdoor parties is to turn off your sprinklers once you begin set-up.  I can’t begin to tell you how many times I remind my clients and before you know it the tables are set and the sprinklers start up.  Again, just turn them off a couple of days before the event and then turn them on immediately after the rental company has picked up their equipment.

Backyard lighting is another area that needs attention.  Are all the paths where guests are going to walk well lit?  Do you want to accent or up-light any greenery or trees?  How about the party area itself?  Can guests see their way to the dance floor or buffets without tripping?  Think about the front of the house.  If you are going to hire a valet company, they will need a lighted area to work in for their key box and tickets. 

I hope you found these two hints helpful.  Next week, visit to learn more about my book and how to purchase it.