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Savory Bites Cookbook

Tuesday, July 9th, 2013

One of my catering chefs, Hollis Wilder, who also happens to be the only 3-time Cupcake Wars winner, just published this great new cookbook called Savory Bites.  She takes her delicious recipes (from years of catering the A-list Hollywood crowd) and formats them so that the meals are prepared in cupcake tins and then served in portion controlled sizes.  This method of serving food is great for those watching their calorie intake as well as for people who want a quick small bite on the run or pack a lunch for weekend picnics with friends.

I made the Crab Napoleon from the Savory Bites cookbook. I followed Hollis’s suggestion and instead of roasting the tomatoes, picked up a jar of pre-made roasted tomatoes in the market’s deli section and assembled the crab salad and sauce and then layered all ingredients into the cupcake tins. It took about 15 minutes to make and then I chilled them overnight.

Note, it is best to line the cupcake tins the short width with two pieces of plastic wrap and make sure that you firmly press the plastic into the wells to create the cups prior to assemblage. Leave at least three inches of wrap on all sides and don’t worry if your middle wells have overlapping plastic wrap.

Serving these Savory Bites was easy. I just took them out of the cupcake tins, garnished with lettuce and served.  Of course, I ate four (so much for portion control!) but what can I say, they were delicious!

What is also great about this cookbook is that you gain a recipe within a recipe. For example, I love crab salad but never thought to make it on its own. Hollis's recipe was easy to make and delicious and can stand alone as well. Once you have made the crab salad, you can then take a roll and make a crab salad sandwich or add it to a bed of lettuce.

Next time, I think I will add some thinly sliced cucumbers on the bottom of the Napoleons and garnish with lemon. 

Savory Bites cookbook includes recipes made in cupcake tins for breakfast, eggs and cheese, vegetables, meats, fish and pasta. Using fresh whole ingredients makes these cupcakes nutritional, and Hollis is always quick to recommend short-cuts for those chefs who have just a few more items to juggle then their kitchen knives. Click here for your link to Savory Bites and enjoy!

Until next time, remember the Budget Bash mantra: make it simple, delicious, stylish, fun & economical to all!