Los Angeles Special Events and the Andaz Hotel


As a special event coordinator, I am always on the hunt for new venues to hold a special event at.  Thus when Michael Loveridge from the Andaz Hotel called to set up a meeting and have lunch I took a drive to the West Hollywood and was pleasantly surprised.

There are so many options and venues when it comes to Los Angeles special events.  In fact, a few years previously, I had coordinated a special event at this hotel when it was under the Hyatt flag.  However, they closed the hotel and did a complete renovation and as a special event coordinator it was very exciting to see that they updated the hotel and added many features we request for special event planning.

The upstairs pool and deck at the Andaz was renovated and now the hotel has cabanas for guests to use.  Unlike other hotels and Hollywood hotspots, you don’t need to order a minimum to sit underneath the cabanas on a hot day; they are on a first come first serve basis (how democratic!).  This deck has a fabulous view of the city to the ocean (on a clear day) and is a great spot to hold a special event.

Next to the pool is the revamped ballroom and it too should be noted as a unique spot for Los Angeles special events.  The hotel installed an open interactive kitchen which as a special event coordinator I love since this kitchen gives you so many options for special event planning.  Cooking demonstrations on a large scale or interactive buffet stations are a few ideas that immediately come to mind.  (For other theme ideas check out pages 12 to 14 in Budget Bash.)

The hotel also offers a couple other options to hold a special event.  They have a smaller ballroom that also has an interactive kitchen.  In fact, recently the Andaz hosted its own event for local event planners to show us what special event planning ideas are possible in the room.  As a special event coordinator, I thought the room was well planned since it included not only the interactive kitchen but also event furniture, a lovely bar and sit-down and stand-up cocktail tables. 

Another great spot at the hotel to consider for Los Angeles special events is their restaurant.  They completely changed the existing space by installing an open kitchen with glass doors on the refrigerators as well as the food storage bins.  The restaurant has a cool bar space within it, and it also has communal tables for guests to sit and mingle.  Of course, the food was delicious and I plan to go back for a special event on Valentine’s Day!


Finally, the staff was extremely cordial and helpful, and it appears that the hotel is conscious of the economic climate and is open to working with all types of budgets and economic situations.  (For more helpful tips on keeping your event on a budget as well as sample budgets, read pages 5 to 10 in Budget Bash.)

Until next time, remember the Budget Bash mantra: make it simple, delicious, stylish, fun & economical to all!

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