Angelina Cafe Paris and French Hot Cocoa

While we were on our honeymoon in France, we drank the best French hot cocoa ever at Angelina Cafe Paris.

This French hot cocoa was so thick and rich. I couldn’t even drink the one portion they served me, I had to split it with my husband!  Angelina Cafe Paris has quite a history and is a must visit for those going to Paris, France.  It was established in 1903 and serves breakfast, lunch and tea.

Angelina Cafe Paris is famous for their French hot cocoa and if you are traveling in the summer, get their first thing in the morning since the cafe does not have air conditioning.  In addition, late mornings, lunch and tea can get quite crowded with a line out the door.

Finally, I must say that the French hot cocoa at Angelina Cafe Paris is not a Budget Bash item, but well worth the price.  Until next time, remember the Budget Bash mantra: make it simple, stylish, fun and economical to all!

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