Cheap Wedding Veils Made to Look Expensive

Weddings become very expensive in a matter of minutes so what I thought I would do is share with you how to make cheap wedding veils look expensive.  In my quest for an ivory wedding veil, I was amazed when I started shopping as to how expensive this one item can cost and thus was determined not to go overboard yet still make sure the veil was elegant and beautiful.

When I started looking for an ivory wedding veil, I was determined to match the picture I found in a magazine of my wedding dress, and I wanted to make sure that it t didn’t take away from the majestic long mermaid dress I was going to wear.  However, when I started to shop I nearly dropped!  The wedding dress shops wanted $175 to $250 for a plain simple veil plus it would take six to eight weeks to get the veil.  Where were the cheap wedding veils I asked?!

So, like everything else these days, I went to the internet and typed in cheap wedding veils and found quite a few stores listed in downtown Los Angeles.  They were all located within the same square block making it easy to park and start hunting.  It didn’t take long to find my ivory wedding veil.  I found it at at store called Royal Accessories located on East 9th street, downtown L.A.  They had a large selection, were very friendly and helpful and best of all took credit cards!

I found the exact tulle veil I wanted and then took it to the seamstress that was shortening my dress.  Since she was cutting off the bottom, I asked her to take off some of the lace appliques that were stitched onto that part of my dress and sew them onto the veil.  What started out as a $15 ivory wedding veil (plus $25 for the seamstress) turned into an expensive looking wedding veil that comparatively could have cost hundreds of dollars!

Other helpful hints to make cheap wedding veils look expensive is again to start off with a plain tulle or lace veil and add crystals to the veil.  Or you can find a decorative hair piece and add some lace or tulle to that as well.  My mother actually had a white flower hair comb and all she did was add an extra couple of white silk flowers to it as well as a few crystals and it turned out beautifully.  Better yet, I still wear it to this day!

Finally, looking for a real bargain? Ask around to borrow your veil.  That is how my quest for my wedding veil started.  Until next time, remember the Budget Bash mantra: make it simple, stylish, fun and economical to all!

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