Event Planning Ideas for a Corporate Holiday Party


I know the corporate holiday party season is winding down this week but I wanted to run by some corporate party ideas for you to think about for next year and quickly review some of the event planning ideas that need careful execution for corporate events.

I always find it best to theme corporate events.  It helps create a focus for the event’s invitation, menu, design and entertainment.  Creating a themed corporate holiday party also gives the guests an opportunity to participate.  

Event planning ideas I have used in the past for corporate events include a traditional Yuletide Holiday, a Cirque Holiday, a Moroccan Holiday and a Hot Havana Nights Holiday celebration.  After reviewing these corporate party ideas with my client, Contractor’s Wardrobe, we decided to theme our event A Night at the Kasbah based upon a Moroccan holiday theme.  (For more party theme ideas, check out pages 12 to 15 in Budget Bash.) 

Event Planning Ideas That Need Careful Execution

The Moroccan themed holiday party is a corporate holiday party that needs careful execution.  Like any themed event you need to make sure your décor and entertainment reflects the theme.  Corporate events with small budgets can use this theme as well, just make sure you hire top notch entertainment and decorate your party room.   

For Contractor’s Wardrobe, we hired a gypsy fortune teller and belly dancers.  We created floral centerpieces using a red hurricane placed among gold and red flowers in a gold painted box.  We complimented these floral arrangements with Moroccan striped linen and gold Chiavari chairs with red cushions.  Unfortunately, we didn’t have the adequate space to bring in a camel for atmosphere as I have done previously at another corporate holiday party.

Other fun corporate party ideas for a Moroccan party include providing a Moroccan lounge and tea station, genie bottle cookie party favors and a henna tattoo artist.  What is also fun and I do this at all my corporate events is a photo op.  You can bring in a green screen and drop a themed background, or hire animal wranglers and bring a live animal such as a camel or Capuchin monkey for the photo op as I have done in the past.


Of course, to compliment your themed event create a menu that reflects your selected event planning ideas.  Here is a sample Moroccan themed menu.

A selection of Humus along with Babaghennoush and Falafel accompanied by Pita Bread
Chicken and/or Vegetable Tajine
Chicken Pastille and various Kebobs using Beef, Chicken and Vegetables
Moroccan Salad and Couscous (I like to add raisins, pineapple or dates)
Bakalava, Sellou and Moroccan Coconut Cake for Dessert

I hope you can use some of these ideas for a corporate holiday party for next year.  When you theme your event, the ideas can be limitless which in turn creates a fun atmosphere for your guests.  Until next time, remember the Budget Bash mantra:  make it simple, delicious, stylish, fun & economical to all!

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