Easy Christmas Table Décor and Party Planning Tips


The countdown begins to Friday, Christmas Day, and I thought I would provide some party planning tips and share some Christmas table decoration ideas.  These easy Christmas table décor displays are inexpensive Christmas decorations that can be re-used for years to come.

Candles are a great way to provide inexpensive Christmas decorations for your buffet or dinner table.  Christmas table decoration ideas revolving around candles include taking a red hurricane glass and candle and creating a wreath around it with fresh flowers.  Another Christmas table décor display is to take a glass container, fill it with red rose petals and then place a smaller glass votive with a candle inside. 


Recycling Helpful Hint for Votive Candles

A great tip to keep your votive candles looking new is when you are finished using them for your event, put them in the freezer and let them freeze up.  Then carefully pop the unused and leftover candle wax out of the glass container and place the empty votive glass container in the dishwasher.  Run it through a cycle with your dishes and when it finishes, the glass votive looks brand new. 

Other party planning tips that are inexpensive Christmas decorations include using silk poinsettia flowers, gold painted pinecones, gold, red and green colored beads (can then be re-used for Mardi Gras) and place loosely on the table as a centerpiece for your buffet or dinner table.  Add a green organza table runner and red votives in clear glass containers and there you have a fast, easy yet elegant Christmas table décor.  (For more fast and easy party planning tips check out my book Budget Bash.)

Other Christmas table decoration ideas include purchasing gold, silver, various shades of burgundy, red and green fabric remnants and using those fabrics on your buffet table.  Purchase about a yard of a few different fabrics in coordinating colors and textures and then use them as Christmas table décor on your buffet by covering books or small boxes.  Place your food platters or a flower arrangement on top of these covered items.  Your buffet will have food and flower displays on different levels creating a more dynamic look and feel to your table.  


Various ribbons are great and easy inexpensive Christmas decorations as well.  Purchase wide bands of textured, patterned and plain colored ribbons to compliment the fabric swatches used on your buffet.  Wrap a ribbon around a platter of food, in between groupings of loose flowers or just down the center of your dinner table.

Of course, one of the most obvious but sometimes forgetful party planning tips is to arrive early in the morning on the 26th at your local store that sells ribbon, lights, silk flowers, fabrics, table displays wrapping paper and other Christmas table décor.  What I do is stock up and then put all of my purchases away in my party planning design box as I mention on page 29 in Budget Bash.  Then I just pull from it what I need when I need it.

I hope you found these party planning tips on inexpensive Christmas decorations and Christmas table décor useful for your upcoming parties.  Enjoy your holidays and remember to keep in mind the Budget Bash mantra; make it simple, delicious, stylish, fun & economical to all!

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