Good Restaurants in San Francisco and Carmel Ca Restaurants

Over the Labor Day holiday we ventured up to San Francisco and Carmel, CA for some R&R.  Here are a couple of good restaurants in San Francisco as well as a couple of Carmel Ca restaurants that we ate at and would recommend.

One of the good restaurants in San Francisco we ate at was Green’s located in the marina district.  Green’s is a vegetarian restaurant but for those carnivores don’t worry, there is plenty to choose from and you won’t miss the meat! Plus, the restaurant offers a great waterfront view.

We ate delicious fresh spring rolls and grilled Blossom Bluff peaches for our appetizer.  For our main course, we had a delicious Mission fig, caramelized onion and goat cheese pizza. Our dessert was a vegan berry fruit tart with almond sorbet.

We ate dinner at a downtown restaurant in San Francisco called Prospect which I would list as another one of the good restaurants in San Francisco. I started out with the Mission fig salad and then for dinner, ordered the Dayboat scallops.  Victor ate the Petaluma organic chicken.  Our friends we were with also enjoyed the ribeye steak and the duck.  For dessert, we ordered the Mississippi mud cake.  Not a morsel was left!

On Sunday, we headed down the coast to Carmel and checked out some of the Carmel Ca restaurants.  For lunch, we ate at Dametra Cafe which not only served delicious food but also had live entertainment. We started out with the baba ganoug and then I ate the steamed mussels and clams, and Victor enjoyed their delicious moussaka.

Dinner that evening was at Pacific’s Edge which offered dramatic views of the California coast.  Again, I couldn’t resist ordering the fig salad (after all they are in season) and went light on dinner with the tuna tartare.  Victor ordered a delicious steak.  Dessert was this incredible peanut butter and chocolate pastry with caramel.

The following day we ate at our hotel.  The food where we stayed at was quite delicious.  California Market offered beautiful views with their al fresco dining, a plus for Carmel Ca restaurants.

Other cute Carmel Ca restaurants is the Tuck Box.  They are only opened for breakfast and lunch and have been on the map in Carmel for over 60 years.

Of course what would be dining along the California coast without delicious wines.  One in particular I remember is the Dashe Zinfandel which we ordered at Prospect.  Since there were 6 of us, we ended up ordering 3 bottles, don’t know how we drank it all!

Of course, when we weren’t eating we were sleeping.  A perfect holiday weekend getaway.  Until next time, remember the Budget Bash mantra: make it simple, stylish, fun and economical for all!

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