Elegant Wedding Invitations

Having just gone through the wedding process, I thought I would touch upon selecting elegant wedding invitations including customized wedding invitations.  Also included in this article are some helpful hints when creating your wedding invitation guest list.

It is always nice to set the tone of your wedding regarding who the two of you are and what you two want your wedding to be with your wedding invitation. For us, we wanted to have an elegant, heart warming wedding but still keep it fun and whimsical.  One of the ways we did this was to work with a company that specializes with customized wedding invitations, A Papier.  I have worked with Alyson and her team previously and her company was on my list when I wanted to send elegant wedding invitations for my wedding.

For our customized wedding invitations, we started by selecting the print style and the paper.  For me, weight is everything when it comes to paper and I personally like a heavy-weighted wedding invitation. In addition, I selected letterpress printing because I believe this type of printing provides a sense of importance and adds to the look of elegant wedding invitations.

We decided in the beginning that our wedding colors were to be celadon and gold and we liked the multilayer look created by the three different types of papers used on our invite. The French satin ribbon that was applied by hand at each of the corners created a framed look to our invite and is another one of the benefits when selecting customized wedding invitations.

Finally, we created our own logo for our elegant wedding invitations. We took our initials and interlocked them with a heart!

When considering who you are inviting to your wedding, here are some helpful tips in creating your wedding invitation guest list:

Use a spreadsheet program, such as Excel from Windows, Numbers from Apple or the spreadsheet offered in Google Documents.  These programs will save time in the long run.  The list will be neat and clean and easy to read.

You can alphabetize the guest list and always modify it for future parties.  You can easily add columns such as guest count, meal choice or gift brought.  Plus, you can merge the file to create labels for any purpose, whether it is the actual invitation, place card or thank you note.

Not sure about the particular spelling of someone’s name?  Don’t hesitate to call and ask.  Trust me, it is better to call and ask than to have the guest call and inform you of your mistake.

I hope you gained some tips for your wedding list as well as picked up on a couple of ideas to create your own elegant wedding invitations.  When considering customized wedding invitations, note they will be more expensive but you have the freedom and creativity to make something unique and special for the two of you.

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Until next time, remember the Budget Bash mantra: make it simple, stylish, fun and economical for all!

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