Simple Flower Arrangements for a Holiday Centerpiece

Don’t have much time but still want an elegant holiday centerpiece for your special events this December? Simple flower arrangements such as submerged flowers are easy to make and will dress up any table or buffet.

For this holiday centerpiece, Jennifer McGarigle of Floral Art designed this table decoration using floating candles and ilex berries.  She also wrapped the votive candles with silver ribbon.

Decorative Christmas flowers don’t need to be expensive or lavish.  Especially for those on a budget, simple flower arrangements will light up a room and the components can easily be reused.

Just take a large cylinder glass container and place a couple of ilex berry stems inside and fill the container with water.  Create a cool streamlined design using different size containers.

Other simple flower arrangements for the holidays include using a pink Cymbidium orchid stem with these large containers.  You can either place a little water on the bottom of the container to keep the orchid fresh, or submerge it as well and add a floating candle.  A twist on this idea is to place colored pebbles or glass rocks on the bottom of the glass container.  Add a bit of light using light up cubes in the water.

Another holiday centerpiece idea is to place pomegranates in these large cylinders with either green apples or pine cones.  You can use plain pine cones or buy pine cones painted in gold, or spray paint them in the color you choose.

For more ideas on simple flower arrangements, click here.  Until next time, remember the Budget Bash mantra: make it simple, delicious, stylish, fun & economical to all!

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