Using Social Media to Generate More Special Events


As the web becomes more competitive, how does your website get seen?  How do you capture those customers out in cyberspace who are putting on social and corporate events?  Back in the day when few event planners were on the web, my website got quite a few hits and the ratio to a viewing to actually contracting the event was extremely successful.  In fact, some of my largest accounts have come from the web.  Those were the good old days my friend.

But now with the economy slowing and corporate events having been put on the back burner, let alone more and more people are planning their events on their own, how do you maintain your business let alone grow it?  One answer maybe through Social Media.  It’s one thing to be out there networking and going to various work and fun functions to meet people and gain business but why not use the web and its plethora of tools to help you get the word out there?  Go ahead, don’t be shy.  Create that Facebook page, start to Twitter and yes get Linkedin.

Like me, you may want to choose what social websites you want to save for your social life and which ones you want to use for business.  Remember though, the web is a very small world these days so you have to be careful as to what you have in terms of content on each of these pages.  Yes, a future client may go to your Facebook page so be careful what pictures you post! 

You will also find by using Social Media how much more you will learn about current trends, who is doing what and which new business applications you can apply to your own business.  I know for myself that through Linkedin I have learned about some new applications that not only have I immediately applied to my own business but will add to a new business division of A Wynning Event

It’s an exciting time to be part of this ever-changing and growing tech world and you don’t have to be an SEO expert to use it.  Just spend some quality time on these sites, join some groups and discussions and put yourself out there.  You will find that you will not only learn something new but will gain valuable insight into business in the 21st Century.  Eventually, you will gain more business contacts that might lead back to new business and generate growth for your company, and this growth means more dollars in your pocket!

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