Corporate Conference Planning for a Skin Care Company


Many of the same steps required for corporate event planning can also be translated to corporate conference planning.  We were recently hired by the skin care company, Aesthetics Plus to produce a training day for their estheticians here in Los Angeles.

We started out by asking what the budget was for this corporate conference, then researched venues and selected a final round of three corporate event planning sites that would meet the needs of this skin care company.  Aesthetics Plus decided upon having their conference at the Los Angeles Music Center, a Patina Group venue.  (Other important event planning budget requirements can be found on pages 5-10 in Budget Bash.)

This corporate conference for aesthetician training purposes included a meet and greet, information about the skin care company and the latest skin care product information, product sales and guest speakers to name a few of the corporate event planning elements.  And let’s not forget the all important lunch catered by Patina Catering.

One of the important elements in producing this corporate conference was to create an elegant event within the provided budget parameters.  The skin care company wanted to ensure that for their initial conference, a polished event look and feel was established as a footprint for future corporate event planning conferences.

When I walked into the room this morning, I was wowed by the transformation of the event site by the client’s use of signage and product placement.  They even had a signature chocolate candy bar at each place setting for that middle of the day “pick-me-up.”

To keep the conference moving and stay within the time allotment of the room rental, we decided to serve a box lunch which met all dietary restrictions.  It is important with all events whether they are social or involve corporate event planning that each attendee’s dietary needs are met whether they are vegetarian or not.  We did this by offering a selection of the following:  Cobb salad, turkey sandwich or fresh tomato, buffalo mozzarella cheese and basil sandwich.  Each lunch was served with bottled water in addition to ice tea.

To make sure each attendee received the correct lunch, we not only labeled the lunches at the buffet, but the skin care company also labeled the attendees’ name tags with their luncheon selection.

Finally, it is important for any corporate conference that the attendees can easily find the venue where the conference is taking place.   Aesthetics Plus accomplished this by providing a link on their invitation to the event site’s directional website.  I can’t begin to tell you as a guest how many times I have been either lost or late to an event because of poor directions or a wrong address.  It is always best during the event planning process to ensure the correct venue address is provided, and if possible, an accurate site map as well.

Again, whether you are planning a social event or a corporate conference, many of the same corporate event planning elements are involved.  Learning upfront the client’s budget and sticking to it, ensuring that all guests are comfortable with the selection of food provided at the event and that the guests receive the correct address and most current driving directions in order to arrive to the event on time.

This skin care company met these requirements and provided a great atmosphere for their attendees to learn and have fun in.  Until next time, remember the Budget Bash mantra:  make it simple, delicious, stylish, fun and economical for all!

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