Charity Fundraising Ideas for a Red Carpet Event

Recently I produced a red carpet event and thought I would share some of our charity fundraising ideas with you.  The event was for PCRM and like other red carpet events we produce, many hours of planning went into creating this successful non profit event.

One of the main non profit ideas was to make this non profit event stand out among the crowd since PCRM was being introduced to a new audience on the West Coast. Thus it was important for this red carpet event to adhere to the highest level of professionalism in terms of food, service and design.  We accomplished this by bringing in one of the top live TV show producers who in turn assembled a top-rated production team making the television portion of this event seamless.  Here is a link to the highlights of the show.

Other charity fundraising ideas we used to maintain our budget was to create elegant floral arrangements at cost and recycle the glass containers.  We even used one of the floral designs from Budget Bash, which is to submerge a cymbidium orchid as seen on page 61.

Like all other red carpet events, we placed “asks” for sponsors for our bar.  Because this was a vegan non profit event we had very strict parameters in terms of what beverages we could serve but found generous sponsors for our liquor, beer and wine.  Other sponsors such as Candle 79, Millennium and Sublime restaurants were kind enough to let us “borrow” their recipes in which Tal Ronnen and Global Cuisine Catering created our delicious three-course dinner menu.

Additional non profit ideas included our live and silent auction which also adhered to a vegan code to ensure our patrons were not offended from what we offered to help raise funds.  We used lighting effectively as our main design element for this red carpet event as well as vegan friendly drape and linen.  We incorporated our design elements from the save-the-date card as well as the invitation to create our timeless yet elegant room décor.

And what are red carpet events without an after party?  For this part of the event, we quickly transitioned our cocktail area into a night club with a white dance floor, white faux leather couches and a vegan dessert station. Additional charity fundraising ideas included sleek modern-looking informational kiosks to help translate, explain and support PCRM’s mission statement.

I hope you found the video to this red carpet event interesting and that you picked up a few non profit ideas for your next non profit event.  I learned a lot from producing this event especially in terms of healthful eating habits and incorporating aspects of a vegan diet into my everyday routine.  Until next time, remember the Budget Bash mantra: make it simple, delicious, stylish, fun & economical to all!

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