Red Carpet Events for a Non Profit Company

For red carpet events, it is important for the non profit company you are planning an event for, to have clear and consise signage on the red carpet.  Not only for the non profit company but its supporters and sponsors as well.

Thus, when the image of the celebrity gets picked up from various media outlets, the logo of the non profit company is seen as part of the background image.  This background image is called a step and repeat and is commonly used for all red carpet events.  To help off-set event production costs when planning an event, many times a non profit company will include sponsors on the step and repeat as part of their premium sponsor package.

It is amazing how some red carpet events step and repeats are seen over numerous media outlets multiple times, and often for large-scale events, these images can sometimes be used a year later.  Thus when planning an event for a non profit company, consider using a well produced step and repeat and provide the charity with widespread coverage to the public.

For more information on planning an event for a non profit company, check out Budget Bash and learn about inexpensive decor ideas, constructing budgets and more.

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