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We here at A Wynning Event are very excited because we have been asked to write a book about event planning.  Our goal with this book is to simplify events i.e. take the mystery out of event planning so that no matter your experience, knowledge or budget, we will show you how to create simple and yet elegant special events.  So with that in mind, let’s start with the simple question, why throw a party?

Is it a birthday? Anniversary? Bridal or baby shower? Holiday such as Valentine’s Day or 4th of July? How about just having a group of friends over to share in good food and fine wine? 

Any of the above and more are reasons to throw a party so here we go.

The Checklist a.k.a. AWE Party To Do List©

I believe that parties are suppose to be fun from start to finish, not stressful so why not start off on the right track with creating your AWE Party to Do List©.  There is no need to get anxious about having people over for a dinner party or throwing a wedding or formal event for a couple of hundred people.  The same process should be implemented no matter what the guest count is.  The best implementation method I believe is a party checklist.  I always generate my AWE Party To Do List© because it provides me with the steps that I need from beginning to end in the party production process and is easy to repeat and adjust for future events. 

This AWE Party To Do List© that I will share in part with you will turn any amateur into a party planner with flair and style and will help you smooth out the bumps along the path to creating a successful and carefree event.  Below is a portion of the sample checklist that will be in our book which we hope to publish by the end of the summer so that you can use this list as a guide for your own events. 

Again this is just a partial list but you can start to use this so please feel free to add to it or delete from it what does and doesn’t work for you.  Remember, this is just a sample list; it can be tweaked along the way and modified for your own particular use.  I will list the items below and then provide in future blogs detailed explanations and examples of these categories to provide you with a bit more insight and knowledge.  Whether it is a cocktail or dinner party, by following these methodical steps, you will see that it doesn’t take much to create an elegant event from start to finish. 

AWE Party To Do List©

• Budget

• Party Date & Time

• Guest Count

• Theme

• Select, Order and Mail Invitations

• Venue Selection

• Create Food and Beverage Menu

• Enhance Theme with Décor, Flowers, Props, Specialty Lighting, etc.

• Hire Caterer (if appropriate)

Again, this is just a sample of the list we have already developed and will be published in our book later this summer.  At A Wynning Event, our goal is to alleviate the worries a wedding or special event can bring with our full service planning capabilities and we hope with our event planning guide you will enjoy your planning process without pulling your hair or teeth out.  And just remember; make your next event A Wynning Event.

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