Wedding Dress Tips for When You are Considering Wedding Dress Styles

When you buy a wedding dress, there are quite a few things to consider with wedding dress designs.  What I thought I would share with you are some wedding dress tips that I learned while in the process of buying my wedding dress.

1.    One of the first wedding dress tips you should consider is to keep an open mind.  Since there are so many wedding dress styles available, even before you go to buy a wedding dress, you can easily be overwhelmed.

I was very specific about the type of wedding dress I was going to wear.  I swore I was going to buy a tea length wedding dress that was vintage, very 50’s, and ended up purchasing a mermaid wedding dress.  Go figure!  Therefore, don’t be surprised if you end up trying on something you thought you would never wear and end up loving it.

2.    Go with your gut.  Once you try on the dress and it looks fabulous on you, then you are done shopping and you don’t need to continue looking at various wedding dress designs.  You will stress out and make yourself crazy if you start comparing your dress with others you see in magazines, stores and online.

3.    Before you buy a wedding dress, determine what your budget is.  When I was researching various wedding dress styles, I telephoned the manufacturer to learn where the dress was sold locally.  I then called the store to find out what the price was to determine if the dress was in my budget.  Don’t discount a dress if it is very inexpensive, again go try it on, you might be pleasantly surprised.

4.    On a tight budget? Then once you have an idea of wedding dress styles and what type of wedding dress looks good on you, check out eBay, wedding dress consignment stores, thrift stores, sample sales and in some cities, you can rent your wedding dress as well.  I knew someone who once stumbled upon a garage sale and there, hanging on the garage, was her wedding dress!  (For a sample wedding budget check out page 8 in Budget Bash.)

5.    Some other wedding dress tips to keep in mind are to remember that you want to be comfortable on your wedding day.  Never in a million years did I think I would be comfortable in a mermaid wedding dress but was pleasantly surprised when I tried it on and not only did it fit perfectly but it was also easy to move around in.

6.    Also, remember not all wedding dress designs will fit you perfectly especially in the dress length.  Therefore, leave yourself a few months for alterations.  If you have to order the dress, then tag on another 6 months leaving yourself with at least an 8 months lead time for manufacturing and altering the dress prior to your wedding day.

Of course, I can’t show you my dress, wouldn’t be fair to my fiancée.  However, it’s an off-white mermaid wedding dress and I love it!  Until next time, remember the Budget Bash mantra: make it simple, delicious, stylish, fun & economical to all!

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