Guess Who is Not Invited to Dinner


What would a party be without party crashers?  It happens all the time, no matter the level of the event.  Someone always shows up who was not invited. Based upon many years of event planning at A Wynning Event, I decided to include a chapter in my upcoming book, Simply Elegant Events on a Budget, discussing a few options to consider when uninvited guests arrive and think they will be partying with you.      

First, if you don’t know them you can easily approach them and explain that this is a private function by invitation only and to please leave.  Most often, people are just looking and will do so.  If they refuse to leave and you are at a facility, then go to the facility manager or security personnel and have them escort the party crasher out.  If it is at your house and a stranger just happens to walk in and doesn’t want to leave, then you may have to call the police. 

At your event, you do need to be careful and be aware as to a guest who is invited and then brings someone you don’t know without telling you in advance.  It is acceptable to approach this guest you haven’t met and ask them who they are as well as which attendee they are a guest of.  This simple step will not only introduce you to a new person but will also grant you peace of mind allowing you to enjoy your party.   

Occasionally at weddings or events occurring at a hotel or banquet hall, it is easy for people to learn about the event, dress the part and then attend it uninvited.  Sometimes, they are looking for a free drink and some food.  This incident has happened to me quite a few times.  During these instances, we just approached them directly, took the drink out of their hand, explained that this was a private affair and then asked them to leave immediately, which they did.  Basically, when the ruse is up, they are embarrassed and leave quickly since most people have some level of morality.   

Another instance regarding uninvited guests, especially at hotels or banquet facilities, is that these people could be scamming the event looking to see what they can easily walk away with such as cameras, purses or expensive coats.  Unfortunately this experience is the downside of throwing a party and you just need to be aware of who is in the room and if necessary, call security or the police if you are uncomfortable or don’t feel safe approaching these people yourself. 

Sometimes your guests may bring their babies because the babysitter canceled last minute, or they just assumed the party is a family affair.  This situation can be a bit tricky and most often will be handled by the parent who brought the child.  If the event is a formal sit-down dinner, then the parent will quickly realize bringing the baby or child was not a wise decision and will most likely excuse themselves from the party.  If the event is a large or more informal party, then I would suggest allowing the baby to stay as long as the child behaves.  Most often, parents realize quickly whether their child is ruining the party and will self-correct the situation.    

Through my years at A Wynning Event, the easiest solution I have found to uninvited guests is to hire a security person to check names off at the entrance to your party.  With private house parties, a suggestion is to provide a guest list to someone who is assigned to check names at the door.   These simple steps can save you time and allow you to enjoy your party without worrying who is not suppose to be enjoying it with you.

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