Party Decoration Ideas for a White Theme Party

Labor Day is just a week away and typically this holiday weekend signifies the end of summer and the end of wearing white.  Therefore, why not go out with a bang with a white theme party?  Here are some party decoration ideas including some finger food ideas for a white party theme.

First, set the tone for a white theme party with an invitation that specifically states what the party is all about.  Last summer I attended a white party theme special event and on the invitation  it specifically stated that you had to wear white to gain entry into the event.  Believe me, when it is mandatory that you wear white and you don’t, it’s obvious!

Next, think about party decoration ideas.  Some quick and easy flower arrangements using all white flowers are a must as well.  Roses, hydrangeas, orchids, mums, daisies are all readily available flowers that you can use for these arrangements.

Submerge a white Cymbidium orchid in a small glass container and maybe add an accent color with the glass beads.  Or, do a reverse color flower arrangement for your white theme party by using white rocks, a clear glass container and submerging a green, yellow or pink Cymbidium orchid.  (Other flower arranging ideas with instructions can be found on pages 59 to 65 in Budget Bash).

Other party decoration ideas include white votive candles, pillar candles of various heights and shapes as well as white taper candles will not only add a nice ambiance to your event but also stay within your theme.  If you can’t rent white furniture or don’t have it readily available, then pick up some large white pillows or bean bag chairs and throw those on the floor to help accent your white party theme.  Of course for your food, rent or purchase white linens, white china or (plastic will work as well) and don’t forget a white dance floor.

Now here are some quick and easy finger food ideas for a white theme party. These selections can easily be found at your local market if you don’t have the time to prepare them prior to your event.

1.  Selection of white European cheeses and sliced crostini
2.  Garlic, plain and eggplant hummus accompanied by sliced pita bread
3.  Artichoke heart bruschetta served on an endive leaf
4.  Brie and pear quesadilla
5.  Skewered tortellini with parmesan dipping sauce

Of course, finger food ideas for dessert can include the following:

• White chocolate fondue or heated marshmallow sauce for dipping fruit
• Vanilla cupcakes
• Frozen bananas rolled in coconut
• Skewered cheesecake bites

(Note the brie and pear quesadilla recipe along with the instructions for the artichoke bruschetta can all be found in Budget Bash).

And let’s not forget your bar menu.  Create a white party theme specialty drink list and don’t forget to include:

• A White Russian
• Vanilla vodka on the rocks
• Kahlua® and Cream

I hope you can use a few of these white party theme ideas along with the party decoration ideas mentioned above for your end of summer party over the Labor Day weekend.  The finger food ideas mentioned are readily available and not too expensive and will help keep your white theme party intact.

Until next time, remember the Budget Bash mantra: make it simple, delicious, stylish, fun & economical to all!

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