Writing my First Book – Budget Bash


I just finished writing my first book, Budget Bash – Simply Fabulous Events on a Budget and I am very happy to say that it is available for purchase at http://www.budgetbashbook.com.  I believe everyone has a story to tell, little did I know that my story would be about event production.  After all, I wrote a series of short stories on dating and single life before Sex and the City and I really thought that would be my legacy.  Now I have Budget Bash.

I wrote the book upon the suggestion of my webmaster Jennifer at EcomBuffet, http://www.ecombuffet.com.  I created a one month deadline to write the book and a one month deadline to edit the book.  And because I am someone who does what I say, I nailed both deadlines.  However, little did I know that creating the website and the technical issues involved in that process would take a bit longer than I first thought. 

But Budget Bash made it through the trenches!  My goal with writing the book was to demystify the “Hollywood” party planning process.  I wanted to let people know that planning a dinner party, wedding or other affair is a simple straightforward process and no one should shy away from it or freak out by it.  You should have fun planning your event, not stress out and worry about the planning process. 

What I discuss first and foremost is to determine a budget and to stick to it.  From there everything else flows from theme, to invitation, design, menu, the list continues.  My purpose with this book was to provide anyone anywhere with information and the access to resources to create high-styled events easily and affordably. I also included menus that I actually used at high profile events that are easy to execute yet impressive and tasty.   

I included pictures to give the reader a good sense of what the outcome should look like such as the step-by-step instructions and corresponding photographs for floral design.  I also provide budget and timeline templates so that the reader can actually use these for his or her event and not have to generate their own.  A resource guide is included too for such items as invitations and party favors.     

All in all, my goal with Budget Bash – Simply Fabulous Events on a Budget was to provide a how-to guide for party planning and the feedback has been great.  The comments I have received from readers who are outside of the event planning business shows me I accomplished my goal which was to provide a simple easy-to-read book illustrating the steps from start to finish about the party planning process.  Parties are supposed to be fun and relaxing and a great way to socialize and unwind.  Why should the planning process be any different?

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