Autumn Table Decoration Ideas

The fourth quarter is always the most fun for special event planning.  So many natural elements are available for you to use for fall decorations on your dinner table setting.  Here are some table decoration ideas you can use for your next special event or dinner party.

For your dinner table setting, simply start in the fresh produce section of your local market.  Right now there are so many colorful gourds and other fresh vegetables that can easily be used as fall decorations on your table as well as around the house.  Cluster different colored pumpkins at the doorway or purchase the mini-pumpkins and cluster those at the dinner table along with colorful gourds.

Simple dinner table decoration ideas include using orange colored candles and votives as well as cluster of silk and dried fall flowers.  After Halloween last year, I purchased orange votive candles at 50% off as well as silk flowers at 70% off and kept them stored until now.  You can also pick up fresh flowers at the market, either already arranged in a fall bouquet or simply do-it-yourself with a couple different types of roses, sunflowers and dahlias.

For a dinner table setting at a recent party I hosted, I took out of my party emergency box the orange votives, silk flowers and a gold colored organza table runner and created a simple yet elegant centerpiece for my dinning room table using these fall decorations. (For other tips as to what to keep in your party emergency box check out page 29 in Budget Bash.)

Of course, now with the plethora of fall gourds and vegetables you can also use them for votive candle holders (as pictured below).  Just hallow out either baby pumpkins or various types of squash and there you have an all natural fall votive holder.

Other table decoration ideas to make life easy for yourself during this festive time of year include using fall colored flowers for your centerpiece or creating a submerged flower arrangement like the one shown below.  Just use neutral colored rocks, a glass container with water and a simple dahlia.  Don’t stress, make it fun and simple.

Colored corn husks are great fall decorations for your table as well.  Here’s a fun dinner table setting idea.  Create a cool and hip atmosphere at your dinner party by using hay bales instead of chairs for sitting.  You may have to switch and use a coffee table (because some hay bales maybe lower than a standard chair) or better yet, create the dinner table with the hay bales and surround it with other hay bales as the benches for sitting.  Of course, hay bales require either renting and having them delivered or borrowing them from a friend’s ranch!

Finally, other autumn table decoration ideas include incorporating whole walnuts, fresh apples or dried leaves as table decor.  You can always place the walnuts, apples and leaves on the table loosely or create a fun design within a clear square or cylinder glass vase.

I hope you can incorporate some of these autumn table decoration ideas this fall for your dinner table setting.  You may also want to look to adding fall decorations around the house as well with fun natural decor.  Until next time, remember the Budget Bash mantra:  make it simple, delicious, stylish, fun & economical to all!

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