Social Media and Wedding Planning Ideas


As I discussed in my last blog, the web is creating smaller and smaller worlds via social media and event planning companies.  I met Noa Gafni of Webutantes by an article someone mentioned on either Twitter or Linkedin.  I can’t remember it’s getting so confusing.  Anyway, the article was about wedding planning ideas.

In particular, this article was a mini- wedding planning guide and provided wedding planning ideas and resources.  What caught my eye though was the resource discussion because they were listed for people who are on a budget and cannot afford wedding coordinators.  A bell went off as I thought about Budget Bash – Simply Fabulous events on a Budget since it to can be used as a wedding planning guide.  In the book, I discuss all the steps necessary to creating a stylish event for the budget-conscious consumer. 

I then used my acquired social media skills and tracked Noa down for the pitch.  She loved the idea of budgets but instead of adding to the already mentioned wedding planning ideas she posted, she requested an article on how to throw a cocktail party on a budget.  That topic was right up my alley and I sent her information that included advice and links for invitations, music and food.  I even included a menu that was easy-to-make.  Many of the helpful tips I used in the article are based upon my experience working for other event planning companies as well as my own.

A funny note here, I thought my social media skills were pretty up-to-date but paled in comparison to Noa’s.  She edited my article and listed links to music and invitation websites that were more current.  Then again, I am still learning this medium; she is well-versed and experienced in social media.

The menu I provided her also got me to venture out beyond my known sources since she requested recipes from various sites.  I provided her with great easy-to-make appetizers such as the red-salmon dip, mushroom rolls, sun dried tomato and olive tapenade bruschetta, but also gave her some new recipes too.  The honey lemon chicken skewers with vegetables and the mini-peppermint cheesecakes with chocolate chips were two new recipes I researched for her blog.  What I liked about these two hors d’oeuvres were that they fit right into my mantra – make it simple, fast and delicious. 

You can view the full article and get the recipes on Noa’s blog.  Again, it all comes down to social media and event planning companies and how we are all connected via the web.  The blog that acts as a mini- wedding planning guide for those brides searching for wedding planning ideas can also be found posted on the September 8, 2009 Webutantes blog. 

For the red-salmon dip, mushroom rolls, sun dried tomato and olive tapenade bruschetta recipes, check out Budget Bash – Simply Fabulous Events on a Budget.  Until next time, remember to have fun and be a guest at your own event!

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