Halloween Party Ideas for a Green Halloween

Here are some last minute Halloween party ideas for a green Halloween for this weekend’s monster bashes.  I also thought I would share some Halloween décor ideas as well.

You don’t always have to stick to orange as a theme for Halloween but of course, this is always a fun way to get to wear and eat the color orange.  But for now, let’s look at Halloween party ideas involving another color such as green and create a menu and decorations for a green Halloween.

For a Green Goblin party, you can start your menu off with green theme cocktails and then serve small bites instead of a formal sit-down dinner.  Rename a mint julep the Green Gremlin and also offer cucumber martinis, mint ice tea or lime flavored soda water and add a drop or two of green food color for fun. Another fun idea is to offer plain water with cucumber, mint and rosemary and color that green as well and call it Frankenstein’s Spa water.

For munchies, here are some green Halloween ideas that are easy-to-make and can be served either as small bites or on small plates:

1.    Guacamole with green tortilla chips
2.    Hallowed out cucumbers with green pepper humus
3.    Endive leaves stuffed with dill cream cheese
4.    Green chili mushroom poppers
5.    Shot Glasses with asparagus soup
6.    Green goddess salad
7.    Mini spinach cupcakes
8.    Penne with pesto sauce
9.    Lamb kabobs with green peppers and mint jelly

You can find the recipe for the humus in Budget Bash.  Of course, Halloween party ideas featuring a Green Goblin theme can’t be complete without dessert.  Why not serve mint brownies or mint ice cream sandwiches?  For a not so sweet finish, you can also pick up green tea ice cream or green tea mochi and garnish them with green grapes and kiwi.

For your Green Goblin Halloween décor, pick up some fun green fabric and use it as an overlay.  You don’t have to sew the edges, just fold them under or pick up a pair of pinking shears to finish the edges.

To keep with a green Halloween theme, as a table centerpiece, here are a few quick and easy ideas.  Just a simple large bowl or platter of green apples interspersed with a contrasting flower is fun.  Or various heights of tall glass cylinders filled with green apples will work too.

Take a green pillar candle and surround it with a wreath of fresh white hydrangeas, or if you can’t find a green pillar candle, use a white one and green hydrangeas instead.

Other fun green Halloween décor includes taking an old white sheet, dye it green and then create little ghosts that you can hang from your ceiling or outdoors from a tree.  Just take the pieces of fabric from the old sheet, stuff a portion on the top to create the head and tie it off with raffia or plain string also dyed green.  Then glue black velvet pieces for the eyes and mouth to create the face and finish them by using fishing string to hang your little ghosts.

I hope you found these Halloween party ideas and Halloween décor ideas for a green Halloween easy and fun to do.  Until next time, remember the Budget Bash mantra: make it simple, delicious, stylish, fun & economical to all!

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