New Event Space in Los Angeles

As an event coordinator, I am always looking out for the next great event location, especially in Los Angeles.  Last night, I was invited to preview a new event space in Hollywood called supperclub Los Angeles.

What I liked about this event space and what makes it work for corporate event planning is the abundance of options for corporate signage.  The main dining room is surrounded by white drape and has a white dancefloor which makes it perfect for an event coordinator to use gobos and other lighting effects at this event location.

The bar area as well has an all white floor allowing for another opportunity for corporate signage.  Plus all of the seating at this venue is made up of white couches.  Thus, with just a touch of decorative lighting, this event space completely transforms without the added expense of additional design and decor.

The event location is a total experience meaning you have dinner and a show all at once.  Dinner is a delicious  four-course gourmet meal and as an event coordinator, I don’t have to worry about bringing in any entertainment.  There is a DJ plus incredible entertainment all evening.  Last night we were treated to the following acts: aerialists, a hula-hoop performer and a contortionist to name a few.  There is an in-house entertainment coordinator who will work with you during your corporate event planning stages and select the appropriate entertainment for your special event.

The room itself is unique in that all of the seating area is comprised of beds.  Yeap, just lay back and relax, take off your shoes and enjoy what the senses offer in terms of food, fun and entertainment.  There is no other place like in in LA and supperclub Los Angeles is quite the experience.

I hope you get a chance to take a look at this new event space in Los Angeles.  As an event coordinator, I found that the space provided new ideas for my client corporate event planning.  Next time you are in the Hollywood area, check out supperclub Los Angeles, the latest Hollywood event location.  Until next time, remember the Budget Bash mantra:  make it simple, stylish, fun and economical to all!

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