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No matter if it is a wedding, Mitzvah or corporate event, event lighting is a crucial element of event décor.  Many times, special event lighting will make or break an event.  What I thought I would do is provide you with some event planning ideas for event décor to include on your event planning checklist

You can create any type of atmosphere using event lightingSpecial event lighting can be a relatively inexpensive use of event décor and will enable you to turn a tent into a Louisiana bayou or a warehouse into a circus.  With special event lighting anything is possible including projecting images onto scrims or walls.  (For more décor tips, check out pages 26 to 30 in Budget Bash.)

One of the event planning ideas I give to my clients is to project their names with a gobo (metal or glass disc that is used with a Leiko light to project an image) onto a dance floor, wall or ceiling.  Using gobos, especially for weddings and mitzvahs, is a fun event décor idea that calls attention to the couple or child being honored at the event. 

All you need to do is create a PDF file of the name you want to project such as Amanda (as seen in the bat mitzvah picture above) or Frank & Apryl (wedding picture).  You can also purchase or rent additional generic gobos as well.  With one corporate client, I always have on my event planning checklist to rent special event lighting pre-made gobos such holiday bells, reindeer, a Santa or holly leaves.

Another great inexpensive use of event lighting is to up-light trees.  These trees can be in your backyard; planters that already exist at the event site or greenery you rent for the event and then highlight them with color.  Depending upon your theme and event décor, you can use amber, green, blue or pink to name a few colors.  Special event lighting using LED lights on the perimeter of your banquet room floor will add color throughout the event with the lights transitioning color from pinks and blues to ambers and greens.


Another event décor idea using special event lighting is to use lighted tables and bars.  Most party rental companies either have these tables and bars in their inventory or can recommend a company that rents event lighting tables with plexi-glass and LED lights.  

Pin spotting table centerpieces is another one of the event planning ideas I give my clients to add special event lighting to the event.  The best way to pin spot tables is to hang the pin spots above the tables; however, if this is not possible, then try to have your pin spots at least 14’ high attached to a pole. 

The higher the light, the less likely a guest will complain that light is shining in their eyes when they are at the table.  Of course, you will need to accommodate for the ceiling height you are working with so be sure you include checking the ceiling height on your event planning checklist and relay this information to your event décor contact or event lighting company. 


One of the special event lighting companies I work with is Kinetic Lighting.  Their event lighting capabilities have helped me transform a white tent into a swamp for the opening of Bubba Gump’s in Santa Monica and transformed a ballroom into a Havana nightclub.

I hope you found these event planning ideas on special event lighting something you can add to your event planning checklist.  For other budget event décor ideas you can check out about Budget Bash and what it offers including advice on invitations (page 15), step-by-step easy flower arrangements (page 59) and more at www.budgetbashbook.com.  

Until next time, remember the Budget Bash mantra: make it simple, delicious, stylish, fun & economical to all!

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