Floral Arranging and Cheap Flower Arrangements


So many times with event floral, you find after the event that you have left over flower arrangements.  What I thought I would do in this article is offer some suggestions for floral arranging and show some samples of elegant but cheap flower arrangements for your events. 

One example of a wedding flower arrangement is to take hydrangeas and create a wreath around a hurricane candle and holder.  If it is around the holidays, use a red hurricane and purchase white hydrangeas to make a stylish example of holiday décor via floral arranging

Using a hurricane with hydrangeas is a good illustration of easy and cheap flower arrangements because you can pick the flowers up at your local market or flower shop and the hurricane holder and candle at a craft store.  Then, just place the flowers around the hurricane. (To compliment this event floral, look at pages 65 to 67 in Budget Bash for stylish napkin folds.)  


Want to add some color to your wedding flower arrangement?  Select some colored roses that match your wedding theme and insert those into the wreath of hydrangeas to give an alternate look to your cheap flower arrangements


Floral arranging using flower clusters and mixing the clusters with votives is another idea you can use on your buffet or table centerpiece.  Just purchase roses, Gerber daisies, tulips or any other favorite flower of yours, cut the stems low and place as clusters on the table interspersed with candles to create inexpensive flower arrangements.  Just make sure not to use any type of heavily scented flower such as lilies or tiger lilies on the table.  You don’t want to overwhelm your senses with the food and the perfume of the flowers.  

Sometimes the host at an event will offer you the table centerpiece to take home with you.  This event floral can be very large and you may not have room anywhere to keep it.  However, what you can do is take some of the flowers home with you and then use your vases or a water pitcher and create beautiful flower arrangements that will last the week after the event.  

Other cheap flower arrangements include using baby’s breath around a hurricane glass holder and candle.  You can do an all-white look using white roses or intermix some red roses to create an elegant yet inexpensive wedding flower arrangement. (You can also use event lighting for your wedding, such as gobos as discussed on pages 26 to 27 in Budget Bash.)


In fact, why not theme an entire wedding using baby’s breath including the bridal bouquet as the event floral to compliment the above mentioned table centerpieces?  I have seen some of the industry’s top designers go with this theme and if done correctly, is elegant, stylish and inexpensive.

I hope you found these suggestions for floral arranging and using cheap flower arrangements helpful.  Using candles and a limited amount of specific event floral can help keep costs down especially for a wedding flower arrangement.  For other ideas on flower arrangements check out Budget Bash and until next time, remember the Budget Bash mantra: make it simple, delicious, stylish, fun & economical to all!

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